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2023-05-25 15:31:44

birthstones by month choose your own color

From the moment everyone fell to the ground, the gem that best represents you has been destined, that is, the birthstone. The birthstone, the twelve-month birthstone, is the birthstone representing people born in twelve months in European and American legends. It is said that the earliest people who proposed the concept of birthstone were old-fashioned Germans. They corresponded to the twelve months of the year with different gemstones as a sign of individual birth. It is said that the correct birthstone will protect against evil spirits and bring good luck.

January: Garnet

February: Amethyst

March: Aquamarine

April: Diamonds

May: Emerald

June: Pearl or Moonstone

July: Ruby

August: Peridot or Sardonyx

September: Sapphire

October: Opal

November: Topaz

December: Turquoise or Zircon

Then today, the editor will take everyone to get to know your birthday stone~

1. January Garnet, known as the "Women's Stone"

Represents chastity, friendship, loyalty, sincerity, steadfastness, simplicity

Garnet, the most common color is maroon or brownish red, because its shape and color resemble pomegranate seeds, so it is named "garnet".

2. February Amethyst, known as the "Stone of Honesty"

Represents honesty, peace of mind, honesty, sincerity, and kindness

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family and a gem with a very long history. The main colors are lavender, purple red, deep red, scarlet, deep purple, blue-violet, etc., with deep purple and scarlet being the best.Purple is a mysterious, noble, and elegant color, which is deeply loved by everyone. It is known as the "stone of honesty" and symbolizes honesty and luck.

3. March Aquamarine, known as the "Stone of Courage"

Represents composure and courage, happiness and longevity, and cleverness

Aquamarine, don't think it is a sapphire, aquamarine and emerald are "brothers of the same family", belong to the beryl family, named after the color from sea blue to sky blue.

It is used as a talisman for navigators, symbolizing composure, bravery, and wisdom.

4. April Diamond, known as the "Eternal Stone"

Represents chastity, purity, innocence, forever

Diamond, known as the king of jewellery, is the hardest object known to be natural minerals. It is a single crystal composed of carbon that is formed under high pressure and high temperature conditions in the deep parts of the earth. The beauty, rarity, and preciousness of diamonds symbolize loyalty and eternal love.

5. May emerald, known as the "Stone of Life"

Represents honesty, good memories,prevent againstevil spirits, healing power, luck and happiness

Emerald, a brother of the beryl family, is known as the "King of Emerald". That touch of green shows its unique charm and is very popular. Emerald is a very ancient gemstone, used as jewelry in ancient Egypt. It symbolizes kindness, confidence, kindness, eternity, luck and happiness.

6. June Pearl or Moonstone, known as the "Lover's Stone"

Pearl has a very long and ancient organic gem. It has the title of "Son of the Sea". With its brilliant colors and elegant temperament, it is known as the "Queen of Jewelry". It symbolizes health, wealth, purity, happiness, perfection and nobility, and has been loved by people since ancient times.

Moonstone is also called lover's stone or lover's stone. It has moonlight-like luster and moonlight effect and is called moonstone. People feel that wearing a moonstone can arouse the tenderness and enthusiasm of the sweetheart, and inspire love like a beautiful moonlight. The moonstone is called the "lover's stone", a symbol of friendship and love, and the best gift for the beloved.

7. July Ruby, known as the "Stone of Love"

Represents enthusiasm, benevolence and dignity

Rubies and sapphires are called "sister gems". The red color of the corundum family is called rubies, and is known as the "king of gems". Natural rubies are very rare and precious.

8. August Peridot, known as the "Stone of Happiness"

Represents peace, happiness and tranquility of husband and wife

Peridot is also known as the "stone of the sun" because of its high heat resistance. The high-quality olivine is transparent olive green or yellow-green, and its clear and beautiful color is very pleasing to the eye.

9. September Sapphire, known as the "Stone of Destiny"

Represents calmness, kindness, and virtue

Sapphire is the main member of the corundum family. Corundum that is not blue is called sapphire. It is corundum that can be called sapphire in colors other than red. The clear dark blue gemstone is the most precious. It can make the wearer calm and kind, and can suppress evil and unclean ideas.

10. October Opal or Tourmaline, known as "Lucky Stone"

Represents hope, happiness, luck, warding off evil, and going to a blessing in disguise

Tourmaline, also known as the wish stone, is the name of the handicraft of tourmaline. It is a kind of color in the tourmaline family that reaches the jewelry level. It has a variety of colorful colors and is called the "rainbow falling into the world."

Tourmaline has a homonym for warding off evil spirits, and is often used as a gem for exorcising evil spirits.

11. November Topaz, known as the "Stone of Friendship"

Represents friendship, friendship, hope, whiteness, and happiness

There are varieties of various colors, with yellow and pink being the most valuable, as well as blue and green varieties. Commemorative gem for the 16th wedding anniversary

Topaz can be worn as a talisman, it can ward off evil spirits, eliminate sorrow, and enhance confidence.

12. DecemberTurquoise or zircon, known as the "Stone of Success"

Represents victory, good luck, and success

Turquoise is also known as turquoise gemstone. It is one of the first gems to be mined and is prized for its strong color. Symbolizes success and stability. It is named after its shape and color are similar to that of a pine ball.

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