Clear as a stream-Topaz
2021-11-05 11:12:40

The colors in the world are ever-changing, the blue sky, the green jungle, the orange sunset... These colors are beautiful but untouchable. The gems converge the colors inside so that people can wear them on their bodies. Today we will talk about the clear color gem-Topaz.

blue topaz jewelry

A. What is Topaz?

Topaz is a product of gas-to-hydrothermal fluid, which is produced all over the world. The most famous production areas are Brazil, the Urals of Russia and Katlan of Pakistan.

Its color is very rich, the most famous color is wine yellow, and the most common one on the market is blue topaz formed by heat treatment of natural colorless topaz. Topaz has a Mohs hardness of 8, second only to diamonds and red sapphires, and is very suitable for making gems.

Every gem has a certain meaning, and Topaz is no exception. Topaz is the birthstone in November, symbolizing peace, friendship and piety, and is known as the "Stone of Friendship".

December birthstone blue topaz

B. Value Standard

Topaz has high hardness and good transparency, so it has a strong reflective effect. With its beautiful and different colors, it is very popular. When we evaluate the value of a Topaz, we usually have the following criteria:

1. Color

Topaz has rich colors, including colorless, yellow, green, blue, red, etc. Different colors will have a great impact on its value. The highest price is orange-red and wine-yellow topaz; and the lowest price is Colorless topaz.

It is worth noting that colorless topaz can be heated to become blue topaz, so when we see blue topaz on the market, we should pay attention to whether it is natural or processed colorless topaz .

2. Clarity

Topaz has a very high clarity, as if to describe it, it is the clear stream, which is completely clean. Usually we will not see inclusions or blemishes on polished topaz. Such a nearly perfect schedule is also one of the reasons why Topaz is so popular in the market.

3. Weight

The size of rough topaz is generally relatively large, and the hardness is high and can be polished, so it can be made into a variety of different jewelry.

Generally speaking, the larger the gemstone, the higher the value. Topaz has a higher value because most rough stones have a good weight. Topaz of small size is not very high in price.

4. Cut

The crystals of rough topaz are generally columnar and elongated, so in order to reduce loss when cutting, they are usually ground into an oval or pear shape.

Topaz can be cut in many ways, but when facing brightly colored topaz such as red topaz, in order to best show its luster effect and maintain its original weight as much as possible, emerald cut is usually used. work.

The above is some knowledge about topaz, do you get it?

blue topaz jewelry

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