• 2022 Joacii Family Annual Tour--Passionate Yangjiang Hailing Island

    2022 Joacii Family Annual Tour--Passionate Yangjiang Hailing Island

    In July, it is the day when Joacii team travels once a year. Although the summer is hot, it is a good time to go out and cool down. The destination this time is to go to Hailing Island, the top ten most beautiful islands in China, to taste local specialties; in the evening, enjoy the seaside barbecue and bonfire party, and enjoy the enthusiasm of the coastal city; On the 7.9th, we gathered at the ...

  • 2022 First Quarter Employee Birthday Party

    2022 First Quarter Employee Birthday Party

    In the first month after 2022, we ushered in Joacii's quarterly employee birthday party. Although it is still cold in winter, everyone's heart is warm! The general manager Jo expressed his wishes to all the birthday stars, and hoped that the birthday stars would get better and better! The birthday stars also expressed their gratitude to the company and said that they will continue to make persiste...

  • Recent New Silver Rings Video Display

    Recent New Silver Rings Video Display

    The new products are some exquisite and beautiful silver rings. I believe every girl can choose a few of them that she likes. In addition to the ingenious design, there is also the exquisite workmanship, good materials and beautiful stones, which can exude attractive charm. Among them, several letters rings can be customized. You can customize the letter that is meaningful to you and take it with ...

  • 2021 Annual Conference-Joacii Jewelry

    2021 Annual Conference-Joacii Jewelry

    "Respect wins idle, righteousness wins desire." Say goodbye to an unforgettable 2021 and welcome a brand new 2022. Tonight is our Joacii Jewelry annual meeting, most of the important members gather together here to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. At the annual meeting, the company commended and rewarded the outstanding employees of this year. Also created from the performance of a variety o...

  • 2021 Year-end Summary Meeting

    2021 Year-end Summary Meeting

    Time flies, and the New Year's bell of 2022 is about to ring. In order to summarize the experience in 2021 and carry out the work in 2022, Joacii Jewelry held a year-end summary meeting on December 23, 2021. All employees of Joacii held a year-end summary meeting in the Panyu marketing meeting room.The theme of the conference is to summarize the work performance in 2021 and plan the work to be car...

  • Best Jewelry for Different Face Shapes

    Best Jewelry for Different Face Shapes

    Choose different jewelry according to the face shape of the person, which can modify the face shape and play an unexpected effect. 1. Oval Shape People with oval face shape can wear any style of jewelry. Of course, if you wear accessories that highlight the shape of your oval face, such as a mid-length necklace and small earrings with gemstones, it will further bring out the beauty of your face. 2...

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