• Birthstone -Your Exclusive Color

    Birthstone -Your Exclusive Color

    From the moment everyone fell to the ground, the gem that best represents you has been destined, that is, the birthstone. The birthstone, the twelve-month birthstone, is the birthstone representing people born in twelve months in European and American legends. It is said that the earliest people who proposed the concept of birthstone were old-fashioned Germans. They corresponded to the twelve mont...

  • Clear as a stream-Topaz

    Clear as a stream-Topaz

    The colors in the world are ever-changing, the blue sky, the green jungle, the orange sunset... These colors are beautiful but untouchable. The gems converge the colors inside so that people can wear them on their bodies. Today we will talk about the clear color gem-Topaz. A. What is Topaz? Topaz is a product of gas-to-hydrothermal fluid, which is produced all over the world. The most famous produ...

  • Joacii Factory Warmly Receives Visiting Customer

    Joacii Factory Warmly Receives Visiting Customer

    At the end of October 2021, we received an important customer Samuel from the United States. He has his own brand, and he came to China this time to find a suitable supplier and start a new business. Joacii received Samuel with full enthusiasm, and we had a very happy conversation. Then we visited gold factory and learned about the scale of Joacii, the number of staff, the number of R&D, and t...

  • Laurel Leaves Jewelry Meaning

    Laurel Leaves Jewelry Meaning

    Laurels—trees in Greek mythology, were changed by Daphne. Laurel (Laurus nobilis), whose leaves were used by the ancient Greeks to crown the victors of the Pythian movement. Laurel is a 1st February birth flower. Flower language: Pride In ancient Greece, the crowns worn by emperors and Olympic winners were made of laurel trees, which was a symbol of honor. Therefore, the flower language of laurel ...

  • What is the meaning of Tree of Life jewelry?

    What is the meaning of Tree of Life jewelry?

    It represents wisdom, knowledge and spirit which connect human beings and God. The tree of knowledge connecting heaven and the underworld and the tree of life connecting all forms of creation are in the form of the world tree or the cosmic tree, and are depicted as the same tree in various religions and philosophies. The tree of life connects all forms of creation. No form of life exists in isolat...

  • How to outsource jewelry production?

    How to outsource jewelry production?

    For jewelry designers or online shop owners, how to obtain the supply of goods or how to design and produce their own jewelry is a very important matter, so how to outsource your own jewelry production? We have talked about this topic before, you can click here to find out. After all, how to outsource your own jewelry production is to choose a good factory. Therefore, today we further talk about h...

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