Best Jewelry for Different Face Shapes
2023-05-25 15:30:05

Choose different jewelry according to the face shape of the person, which can modify the face shape and play an unexpected effect.

1. Oval Shape

People with oval face shape can wear any style of jewelry. Of course, if you wear accessories that highlight the shape of your oval face, such as a mid-length necklace and small earrings with gemstones, it will further bring out the beauty of your face.

2. Heart Shape

Girls with heart shape face are very suitable for wearing short chains, collars and other necklaces that can produce a "circular effect" when worn. Especially if there is a round shape, the feeling of "round effect" is more likely to occur, which can increase the weight of the chin of the beautiful heart face, and make the facial lines look rounder and fuller. The horizontally striped lanyard can balance the sharp chin and make the facial lines look softer and rounder. Avoid wearing jewelry with very obvious angles, such as equilateral triangle and hexagonal pearl necklaces.

3. Rectangular Shape

Because of the length of the face, the width of the horizontal midline of the face should be appropriately increased for this face shape. For this reason, choose large and dazzling jewelry earrings or short, round earrings to make the ears larger. The face appears wider. But don't wear long pendant earrings, so as not to form a triangle face.

4. Round Shape

The principle of decoration is to narrow the cheeks and extend them up and down. The upper part can be solved by blowing the hair thick, and the lower part should be elongated by wearing a slender necklace. You can wear a slender "V"-shaped necklace with pendants. The earrings should be angular pendants and hanging earrings to increase the contours of the face

5. Triangular Shape

This face shape is more difficult to dress up. The principle of dressing up is generally to increase the width of the upper face, which can be compensated by forehead ornaments and hairstyles. Earrings should be small but not large. Necklaces should be long rather than short, thick and not thin, for the long necklace can lengthen the jaw and make it cut. Different jewellery should also be selected according to different temperaments of people.

best earrings for face shape

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