Joacii Sales Team Participated in NPA Training
2020-06-18 16:27:46

It’s the beginning of June, the weather is not so hot. Mrs. Qian, sales manager of Joacii, took the company's business representatives to participate in a five-day NPA training organized by AIA. The training aims to improve the professional competence of salespersons and better career planning.

The people of Joacii participated in the training with great enthusiasm. Everyone knows that it is an opportunity to get rid of the busy work and go out to study, so we especially cherish the chance. At the same time, we are very grateful that the company has such arrangements so that employees can enrich themselves. This training focuses how to improve professional skills for better development, customer service is the core content. Everyone actively share ideas of each other and acquired new knowledge.

Five days later, a graduation ceremony was held. Although it is a short-term training, everyone has learned a lot of new skills and met many new friends. Looking forward to starting again~

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