Silver Mold Making -- Top Priority in Jewelry Craftsmanship
2020-05-25 17:06:27

Silver mold making is the most important of all jewelry craftsmanship. If the mold is not designed and polished well, it will cause defects in the final product and even be scrapped.

Joacii attaches great importance to the making of the silver mold. Generally, it requires the joint participation of designers and QC. First of all, we must confirm the details of the mold and the actual production, and at the same time take into account the feasibility of the mold in production. In addition, the characteristics of Joacii's jewelry are comfortable to wear, which requires special attention during the process. After operating and revising the silver mold, and comparing the drawings and the finished product, the product is perfectly presented. Joacii jewelry puts equal importance in design and production.

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