How to outsource jewelry production?
2021-09-03 15:21:03

For jewelry designers or online shop owners, how to obtain the supply of goods or how to design and produce their own jewelry is a very important matter, so how to outsource your own jewelry production? We have talked about this topic before, you can click here to find out. After all, how to outsource your own jewelry production is to choose a good factory. Therefore, today we further talk about how to choose an overseas factory.

The main reason for choosing overseas factories is the price. After all, the most important part of the shop owner's business is the profit. And a good overseas factory can not only give you good quality products, but also you can get an ideal price to get a sales advantage.

How to choose an overseas factory?

1.Consider the location of the factory

For example, silver jewelry is supplied in many countries in the world, such as Canada, South Korea, Thailand, and China. Factory from different countries has different prices, supplies, and product quality. Some are cheap and some are expensive, with different craftsmanship, some are fashion jewelry, and some are fine jewelry. While comparing prices, it is also necessary to conduct product research on the quality of silver products in various countries. The lowest price is not necessarily the best, and the product that suits your own audience is the most ideal. If you want to know the quality of the product, in addition to knowing more about the relevant information, the most direct way is to buy a sample. Of course, it depends on everyone's plan.

2.Investigate the strength of the factory

1. Know the number of people in the factory. The number of small factories is less than 20. The medium-sized factory has 20-100 people. Large factories have more than 100 people. Large factories are a good choice. They provide more product options and the price can be lower, but there may be MOQ requirements.

2. Find out each factory 's expertise in the production of jewelry. You can find suppliers to provide their catalogs, and you can learn about their capabilities and expertise based on the catalogs.

3. Whether there is a design team. In any country. The design team is expensive. But often a factory with such a team will reduce a lot of design and production troubles for you, and can also provide production advice for your jewelry.

4. Whether there are professional production machines. Production Machinery such as Wax Injection Machine, Laser Writer Machine and Grinding Machine, etc. Testing Machinery such as Electronic Balance and Vernier Caliper, etc.

5. Know  production craft of the factory. Silver jewelry is mainly divided into ordinary jewelry craft and fine jewelry craft. Different craftsmanship also has different prices. The jewelry produced by fine jewelry craft will be much more beautiful than ordinary jewelry craft in appearance.

6. Electroplating. Electroplating is a very important part of production. You may have seen jewelry change color and fade within a few days or two to three months. This is caused by poor electroplating. Electroplating has different thicknesses, ranging from 0.3-2.5 microns. Good electroplating will add e-coating and anti tarnish, so the warranty will not fade for two years under the condition of being used. In addition, you can learn the difference between gold plated and gold vermeil.

7. Whether there is packaging provided. Although a good jewelry factory does not necessarily produce packaging, it must have a cooperative packaging factory. Reduce your work troubles.

outsourcing jewelry production

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