What's the meaning of rose quartz necklace?
2021-08-26 15:01:47

Crystals had known in cultures all over the world for long years. One of the most popular crystals is the rose quartz. It is usually made into jewelry. Like rose quartz necklace, rose quartz ring, rose quartz stone pendant, etc. If currently you are looking for jewelry to attract an abundance of love, joy, and the grace of gentle-natured self-healing. Then the rose quartz necklaces are the best options.

rose quartz necklace meaning

Rose quartz is the birthstone of October. It is the stone of Eros.

1. A stone that shows love, beauty and kindness

"Rose Quartz" including "Deep Rose Quartz" is famous as a stone that symbolizes "beauty/love/tenderness".

It is particularly effective for realizing romance and is a power stone for improving romance.

It is said that "Rose Quartz" can bring out and enhance human femininity, and illuminate the beauty inside and outside.

It is said that it wraps the owner with a soft and large halo, awakening the joy and happiness of women and the heart of love.

2. Healing stone

It is said that it works with gentle power on the owner's heart wounds, broken hearts and past wounds. It can gently heal wounds, take care of yourself and help reopen the heart.

It is said that this "stone wave" mainly acts on the inner surface of the owner, and has a sense of security and healing.

Before loving your partner, you must first confirm yourself, be kind and full of love.

And relieve tension and relax the body and mind. As a result, you will be tolerant of others and be able to interact with kindness and compassion.

Therefore, it is a recommendation motivation stone for people who are not good at socializing or not good at socializing.

3. Beauty stone

"Rose Quartz" is also known as the power stone for beauty. Especially since it is effective for beautiful skin, it is becoming more and more popular. It has the function of maintaining and refreshing youth and health. Calcium carbide recommended for people who want to keep their skin permanently.

rose quartz necklace

It is recommended to use rose quartz as a gift

1. Birthday gift

Since it is the birthstone in October, it is very suitable for birthday gifts for those born in October. Since it is a popular stone especially for women, it can be processed and made into jewelry.

2. Romantic amulet

It is said that "Rose Quartz" has a strong attraction and can attract the owner's "Love Cupid". Therefore, it provides great support for the realization of romance. It also has the ability to heal sadness, and will immediately switch to a new love, and drive the owner to a new encounter.

The power of "Rose Quartz" is straightforward. You can directly attract the people you are considering and have the effect of keeping others out. Even if there are many loving opponents, it will make the owner an advantage.

pink rose quartz necklace

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