What is the meaning of Tree of Life jewelry?
2021-09-17 15:29:20

It represents wisdom, knowledge and spirit which connect human beings and God.

The tree of knowledge connecting heaven and the underworld and the tree of life connecting all forms of creation are in the form of the world tree or the cosmic tree, and are depicted as the same tree in various religions and philosophies.

The tree of life connects all forms of creation. No form of life exists in isolation, everything is interconnected. The ornaments of the tree of life are usually expressed in the form of placing the tree of life in a circle, which represents the world, and the tree of life in the circle symbolizes everything in the world. This outer circle has no beginning and end, and further expresses the theme of the interconnection of all things.

tree of life jewelry meaning

It is very trendy now and we believe they will still be popular in the future. People wear related jewelry, hoping to remind themselves to stay awake and increase their wisdom.

the tree of life necklace

We recently design unique tree of life jewelry series. The pictures above are some of our existing styles, and you are also welcome to come to us to customize your unique tree of life design.

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