Joacii Factory Warmly Receives Visiting Customer
2021-11-01 10:39:45

At the end of October 2021, we received an important customer Samuel from the United States. He has his own brand, and he came to China this time to find a suitable supplier and start a new business.

Joacii received Samuel with full enthusiasm, and we had a very happy conversation. Then we visited gold factory and learned about the scale of Joacii, the number of staff, the number of R&D, and the number of designers. In each production process, customers have taken photos and videos to record, and have a clearer understanding of the entire production process.

Afterwards, the customer put forward the needs and the products of interest, and asked relevant detailed questions, and Joacii’s colleagues answered one by one.

We believe that Samuel has learned what he wants to know during this trip, and our factory also welcomes our customers to visit at any time. We must do a good job in reception, so that we and our customers have a fuller understanding of each other.

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