Team Building Activity of Joacii Family in the First Quarter of 2023
2023-04-18 11:23:27

The scenery is infinitely good, it is time for the event! At the beginning of April, the weather was suitable. Our company arranged team building activities this weekend. The activities focused on fun and gourmet food.

At noon, everyone gathered downstairs in the marketing office and set off! More than a dozen friends walked towards nature with free and unrestrained hearts.

The main sports in the afternoon are rowing, archery and CS.

Looking at the heroic archery of women, who dares to say that women are not as good as men!

Before rowing, there are special coaches to teach how to paddle. After boarding the boat, some friends walk slowly and comfortably, and some vigorously compete for the ranking. It is really a lake with different scenery and different fun.

CS is a melee. Everyone is playing, as if they have returned to the innocence of their childhood. They are cautious and open their hearts to immerse themselves in the game experience.

In the evening, it’s time for the self-service barbecue and the lucky draw time. All kinds of grilled meats that are sizzling with oil and smoking are really appetizing. Then guess who is the guys who won the prize?

Spring is really a beautiful time bestowed by God, come out and do some activities, my friends! We are grateful for the gift of nature, the cultivation of the company, and the company of the friends around us. We wish everyone the best!

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