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How to Choose The Length of Pendant Necklace

For Women

The 16” inch Pendant Necklace

Like as a collar, but matching with any style clothes. It will on collarbone position to petite woman, and it will feel like a choker to plus size woman.

The 18” inch Pendant Necklace

The most popular size of pendant necklace, and more options to woman for clothes matching. Do not carry about the length, but only the pendant style.

The 20” inch Pendant Necklace

The explanation of charm and sex, give more confident to woman.

The 24” inch Pendant Necklace

Falls below any neckline.

The 30” inch Pendant Necklace

Falls below any neckline.

The 36” inch Pendant Necklace

Common with pearl strands and will hang below the bosom. They can be worn as a single strand or you can double them for an 18 inch necklace.

For Men

18”:  An 18” men’s chain hits at the base of the neck and is best for young men and men with smaller neck sizes.

20”:  A 20” chain is the most common length for men, falling at the collarbone. This is a good length for a men’s chain with a pendant,          as the pendant will not sit too high or fall too low.

24”:  A 24” chain falls just above the sternum.

30”:  A 30” chain falls mid-chest and is typically used for plain chains without pendants.

36”:  A 36” chain is extra long and falls below the chest.

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