2022 Joacii Annual Meeting--summarize the past and start a new year full of vitality
2023-01-19 11:03:52

With the end of 2022, Joacii held a year-end summary meeting at the end of December. At the meeting, various departments summarized the results of work in the past year, shortcomings, new goals and improvement methods in 2023. The company has also made deployments for the sales department, marketing department, product department, cross-border e-commerce, personnel department and general accounting department for the new year.

Next comes the year end dinner. In the afternoon, everyone got off work early and came to the well-decorated meeting place. As a member of Joacii, we signed our names on the signature board one after another. One is the affirmation of everyone's efforts in the past year, and it is also the expectation for the future of the company and blessings.

At this meeting, we witnessed this year's outstanding employees. It is their hard work and love that has injected continuous vitality into the company. We hope that everyone will grow together and grow stronger.

Then came the golden egg lottery that everyone was looking forward to. With the favor of the god of luck, tablets, cosmetics, and electric toothbrushes have been taken away one after another. I have to say that smashing golden eggs is really a traditional and interesting way to draw a lottery. Bless all the winners.

It is gratifying that this year's Joacii family has a few more members, and the team has grown again. The performance of the company this year has also been greatly improved. In this harvest-filled day, we hope that the big family of Joacii will get better and better. At the same time, we also wish all the new and old customers of Joacii, and thank you for your support as always. Joacii still maintains its original intention and always serves all customers with high-quality products and a professional attitude. Thank you! Happy new year!

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