Why are men wearing pearl necklaces?
2021-08-26 15:15:48

Needless to say, everyone can feel how hot the pearl element has been in the past two years! When it comes to pearl necklaces, we all think that they are accessories worn by women, which seem not to be associated with men! But this year, men also love to wear 'pearl necklaces'.

In last year's men's fashion week (Dior Men Fall 2020 Menswear show), there were many pearl necklaces. Tough retro and very stylish men's wear, decorated with exquisite pearls, handsome and impeccable! And this year's pearl jewellery continues the popularity of last year and continues to rise. Probably no one would have thought that the main consumer of pearl necklaces would have turned from grandma generations to young people, and moreover, young men.

pearl jewelry men

Why are male pearl necklaces so hot?

When Pharrell Williams appeared in front of the brand show with a milky white pearl necklace four years ago, everyone did not seem to show much interest in this 'artist''s new way of dressing. But the major jewelry brands seeing business opportunities, they began to launch pearl necklaces belonging to men.

male pearl necklaces

A$AP Rocky, Shawn Mendes, Pharrell Williams...the list of male stars wearing pearl necklaces is still being updated.

pearl necklace men

If you think that the celebrity carrying goods is just a capitalist lie, and buying the same pearl necklace from A$AP Rocky is worse than buying a pair of sneakers, then you can take a look at this 2020 jewelry market report from Lyst.

'Since January, the average monthly search volume has reached 11,000. Pearls have become the most popular men's jewelry item since the beginning of this year.'

Let's take a look at the search trend of pearl jewelry men. It can be seen that the search for men's pearl necklaces and men's pearl jewelry is on the rise.

The pearl necklace has a feminine and old-fashioned stereotype for the average person, which makes most boys not interested in this item. But at the time when Gender Neutrality' is so popular, it's only a matter of time when boys start to wear pearl necklaces. Before pearl necklaces have not yet become street style, hurry up and enjoy one. If you really don't find your favorite pearl jewelry, you can also contact us to customize one.

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