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There is also temperament for jewelry: Which jewelry will be your best choice?
2018-05-02 10:16:45

There is also temperament for jewelry: Which jewelry will be your best choice ?

Human temperament is mainly determined by the genetic, and there are four types of temperament in psychology: choleric temperament, sanguine temperament, phlegmatic temperament  and depressive temperament. For a better matching, people should choose the same temperament jewelry, since there are different temperament for the jewelry due to their different materials, color, craft and styles.

Choleric Temperament (Impulse)

Impulsive women need to choose fine and delicate jewelry: jade, pearl, green tourmaline, light sapphire, so that women can enhance the gentle and gentle beauty, changing the image of impulsive impatience.

Sanguine Temperament (Spirited Type)

Spirited women need to choose the gemstone jewelry with soft colors and moist texture, light green jade, moonstone, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, pink pearl, malachite etc., which reveal the feeling of peace and lingering.

Phlegmatic Temperament (Peace Type)

Peace women should maintain their elegant and implicit style,  and  they are suggested to choose gentle color gemstones, such as light red garnet, light tourmaline, amethyst, white pearl, etc., which reveal the feeling of quiet , Delicate beauty and gentle.

Depressive Temperament( Limpness type)

Limpness women should add more liveliness, and are suggested to choose the gemstones :aquamarine, red spinel, zircon, red tourmaline

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